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How to Choose 3D Printing Spherical Tungsten Powder

2022-05-03 15:01:21  News

Metal powder is the cartridge of metal 3D printers, a raw material that is continuously consumed. The powder spreads evenly on the equipment substrate, melts under the scanning of high-energy laser or electron beam, and then solidifies into the designed shape, and gradually forms the metal parts we need by stacking layer by layer. Therefore, metal powder is at the heart of metal 3D printing. The amount of tungsten powder in metal 3D printing is also very large, so what kind of quality is better for spherical tungsten powder?

3D printing spherical tungsten powder basic information of spherical tungsten powder

Particle size: 0-20μm 15-53μm 45-150μm

Purity: ≥99.9%

Preparation method: plasma atomization method

High-quality 3D printing spherical tungsten powder must have the following characteristics:

1. High purity

The purity of the powder is more than 99.9%, and the potential risks caused by impurities in the use process have been well controlled.

2. High sphericity

The sphericity is above 90%, the satellite powder is less, the powder is not easy to overlap during the powder spreading process, the loose packing density is high, and the printed parts are dense.

3. Low oxygen content

The oxygen content is controlled at a low level, which can allow the powder to be printed multiple times, and the oxygen content is still within the allowable range, reducing the cost of use.

4. Good liquidity

The powder spreads smoothly and is not easy to bridge, which improves the printing success rate for powder feeding equipment on large-size printers.


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