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Characteristics And Application Of Light Curing 3D Printing Materials

2020-08-12 13:23:54  Knowledge

With the continuous development and maturity of the 3D printing industry, new technologies continue to innovate the technical system, and innovations in 3D printing materials are emerging.

3D printing materials are essential in the 3D printing industry, accounting for 30% of the market share. According to a market research institute, IDC, the global 3D printing market size will reach the US $ 13.9 billion in 2019, an increase of 21.5% over 2018. Of this, $ 5.5 billion came from printer sales, $ 4.2 billion came from printing materials sales, and $ 3.8 billion came from printing services.

Characteristics And Application Of Light Curing 3D Printing Materials

The characteristics of photosensitive are resin materials and their applications in light-curing 3D printing.

The photosensitive resin is required to have the following characteristics when it is used in light-curing 3D printing:

1. Low viscosity, which helps to level the molding resin faster and facilitates rapid molding.

2. The curing shrinkage is small. The curing shrinkage causes parts to deform, warp, crack, etc., which affects the accuracy of the molded parts. The low shrinkage resin is conducive to molding high-precision parts.

3. High humidity strength, high wet strength can ensure no deformation, swelling, and interlayer peeling during post-curing.

4. The swelling is small, and the swelling of the wet molded part in the liquid resin causes the part size to be too large.

5. Fewer impurities, no odor during curing, low toxicity, and will not cause adverse influence on the operating environment.

At present, well-known foreign companies such as DSM and BASF are giants in resin materials. And domestic 3D printing companies such as Luoyang Kmpass info Technology also have unique resin materials. Kmpass Technology's independent research and development of photosensitive resin series materials can be used in DLP, SLA, and other light curing 3D printers. Different types of products can be tailored to the physical and chemical properties of materials such as fluidity, healing molding wavelength range, printed product strength, and toughness according to actual printing needs.

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Application of photosensitive resin materials:

1. Make fine parts.

2. Make a piece with a transparent effect.

3.Fast mold master mold, which can make all kinds of rapid shapes.

4. It is used to produce metal parts instead of evaporative pattern in investment precision casting,and so on.

5. Make various resin samples or functional parts for structural verification and functional testing.

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