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Titanium Carbide Products

2023-04-15 11:45:03  Knowledge

Titanium carbide (TiC) is an extremely hard, refractory ceramic material that registers 9-9.5 on the Mohs scale. It is similar to tungsten carbide but differs from it by having a face-centered cubic crystal structure. It occurs naturally in the mineral khamrabaevite, a rare form of titanium (Ti), chromium and molybdenum that was discovered on Mount Arashan in Chatkal District, USSR.

Titanium Carbide Sheets: Towards Next Generation Energy Storage Devices

Titanium Carbide wire-type supercapacitors (WSC) are highly promising electrochemical energy storage materials. These sheets are characterized by their layered microstructure, ideal capacitive properties, and high volumetric charge-transfer capacity. These conductive WSCs are produced through chemical vapour deposition with TiCl4 and CCl4 as source gases at temperatures (Tdep) of 1573 to 1873 K and total gas pressures (Ptot) of 4 and 40 kPa.

Tungsten Carbide Plates: For Abrasive Wear Applications

A special type of tungsten carbide, tin-tungsten-carbide (TWC), is often added to high-performance steel cutting tools for abrasion resistance and anti-knock properties. It has the highest abrasion resistance of all types of tungsten carbides.

Steel-Bonded Carbide Rod: For Mining, Cement and Steel Making Industry

Titanium-carbide based steel-bonded carbide rods can be cast in hammers, jaws, concave surfaces, hoods, crushing rollers and other wearing parts to resist the wear caused by hard rocks, iron ore, concrete and cement. This can increase the service life of the equipment and thereby reduce maintenance costs.

Creusabro Dual is an incredibly innovative and advanced abrasion-resistant steel that outperforms conventional water quenched steels, hardfacing plates and hard-cast parts in severe sliding wear conditions. Its extraordinary abrasion and wear resistance is obtained through the synthesis of extra hard primary titanium carbides within the steel matrix.

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