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Titanium Carbide Structure

2023-06-04 08:30:06  Knowledge

Titanium carbide is a gray metallic powder with a cubic system structure. It has good corrosion resistance, high hardness and strong wear resistance. It is widely used in the thermal spray coating powder material, welding materials, oxyacetylene, HVOF and plasma transferred arc (PTA) overlaying, flinty membranous, military aviation and other industrial fields as hardness material and abrasion resistant material.

It is produced by chemically precipitated titanium dioxide free from silicon, iron and aluminum and the alkaline earth metals in a purified form. It is then electrically shrunk to a dense form by electrical fusion in a Higgins type open arc furnace, and then intermixed with carbon in stoichiometric proportions to manufacture titanium carbide.

The calculated elastic constants of the ordered trigonal TiC2 phase with its puckered graphene-like C-layers are in excellent agreement with experiment values, indicating that the crystalline structure is stable under high pressure. In addition, the calculated value of the integrated crystal orbital Hamilton population (ICOHP), a quantitative evaluation of bonding strength, is a little lower than that of diamond, indicating that the Ti-C bond is stronger.

Furthermore, the AISI 316L - 10 wt.% TiC composite has a lower friction coefficient and higher wear resistance than the AISI 316L without TiC. It also shows a less pronounced increase in the wear rate under high load and sliding velocity conditions. The results suggest that the improved properties are attributed to the increased interaction between the TiC particles and the matrix.

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