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Carbide Alloy

2023-01-11 08:30:16  News

Carbide alloys are manufactured to meet various needs. They are used for a wide range of applications and have positive effects on multiple industries. These metal compounds are durable and resistant to scratches, rust and pitting. In addition, they can be molded to your specifications.

The different carbides are classified according to their crystalline structure. For example, the simple carbides have a crystalline structure similar to sodium chloride. There are also ternary and complex carbides.

To determine the correct carbide alloy for a specific application, it is necessary to know the properties of each type of carbide. It is also important to note the temperature of the sintering process.

A common sintering method is hot isostatic pressing (HIP). This is a process in which the material is heated to a suitable temperature and then cooled. During sintering, the metal atoms of the carbide are dissolved, thus forming an austenite phase. High temperatures may result in abnormal grain growth, which has a significant impact on the performance of the product material.

Several groups of carbides have a nonmetallic component. These include the NaCl-type carbides, which are characterized by little plasticity. Also, the WC-Co and MoC carbides have a low melting point.

The crystalline structure of these types of carbides is characterized by hexagonal close-packed octahedral interstices. Carbon atoms occupy one-half of these octahedral interstices.

The atomic weight of MoC is 2687 deg C. On the other hand, the atomic weight of WC is 47.9 u. Both the atomic weight and the crystalline structure of these materials vary depending on the composition.

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