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The Effect of Heat Treatment on the Structure and Mechanical Properties of IN718 Manufactured by Laser Melting in Selected Areas

2021-05-18 15:52:17  News

The unique alloy composition design of IN718 makes it have good comprehensive properties, namely higher strength, creep resistance and fatigue life, good ductility, excellent oxidation resistance, especially under 650℃, its mechanical properties Has good stability. Many parts of modern aero-engines, such as turbine discs, blades, brakes, shafts, stators, seals, supports, pipes, fasteners, etc., are all made of IN718.


The structure and mechanical properties of IN718 manufactured by selective laser melting are determined by IN718 pre-alloyed powder. Four cylindrical specimens with high density (99.8%) in different manufacturing directions were manufactured, and their manufacturing directions were respectively 0 degree, 45 degree, 45degree*45degree, and 90° to the scanning direction. Due to the directional growth of cellular dendrites, the typical structure of the deposited samples is supersaturated columnar dendrites and segregation of Nb and Mo elements inside. This diversified structure is not suitable for direct aging treatment of deposited samples, and it also makes the alloy too sensitive to the solid-liquid-liquid temperature that is rapidly heated to the homogenization temperature.

Compared with forged materials, the alloy can obtain a series of better mechanical properties when the deposited samples are in a homogenized and aging state. The anisotropic properties of the material in the deposited state are weaker, which is manifested in that the material has a lower Young's modulus, yield strength and tensile strength in the manufacturing direction compared with the heat-treated state. This is because the crystal grains maintain the geometry and crystal texture formed during solidification.


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