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The Versatility of Stainless Steel Strip

2023-07-08 21:40:03  News

When you think of stainless steel, you probably think of lunch boxes, water bottles, fireplaces and pots. While those are beautiful examples, this metal is also useful for many other applications. In fact, the versatility of stainless steel strip is one of its main selling points. stainless steel strips are thin sheets of flat stainless steel that have been cut into various widths to fit specific applications. They can be made into shapes such as angles, channels and coils, to serve a variety of industrial purposes.

stainless steel strip can be cold or hot-rolled. Cold-rolled strips have a higher yield strength and better malleability, while hot-rolled strips have better ductility and toughness. These differences make them appropriate for different types of manufacturing. Cold-rolled stainless steel strips are commonly used in construction materials, automotive parts, pipe and tube manufacturing, and general fabrication.

Once the raw materials are gathered, manufacturers place them in an electric furnace to reach their recrystallization temperature. Then they cast the molten stainless steel into semi-finished forms such as tube rounds, billets, rods and blooms. Then the semi-finished products are sent to be hot or cold rolled, or annealed and pickled. Finally, they can be oscillate coiled or sliced for delivery.

Grade 310S stainless steel strip contains a high proportion of chromium and nickel, making it resistant to corrosion in sulfur containing atmospheres. It is ideal for marine environments, oil and gas processing and equipment, pulp and paper industry, chloride containment or transportation, and components for FGD systems.

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