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Titanium Alloy 3D Printing Powder TC4 Has Been Used in Aerospace and Other Fields

2021-10-28 09:38:32  News

The quality of metal additive manufacturing parts is closely related to the characteristics of the metal powder, including the particle size, sphericity, fluidity, and bulk density of the powder. The application requirements of "high-precision", "high-quality" and "ultra-precision" in the aerospace, aviation, medical and other fields also place higher requirements on the quality of metal 3D printing powders.

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Based on in-depth market observation and long-term metal additive manufacturing practice, Kmpass has developed TA1, TA15, TC4, TA18, TC21 and other titanium and titanium alloy powders in response to the special needs of users for a long time, which have been successfully applied in aviation Additive manufacturing fields such as aerospace.

The excellent comprehensive mechanical properties of TC4 can meet the needs of aero-engines for powder performance. Its high specific strength and light weight provide support for blade weight reduction; the powder has high thermal stability and oxidation resistance, which can prolong the life of the blade. Check the interval; at the same time, the hollow structure is adopted inside the part, and the design space is large, which can realize more diversified shapes and meet the needs of various scenes.

TC4 is a titanium alloy material widely used in the aerospace and medical fields. After Kmpass TC4 powder is formed by selective laser melting (SLM) additive manufacturing equipment, the microstructure of the obtained parts is uniform and dense, and has the characteristics of rapid solidification.

TA15 is a high temperature titanium alloy with room temperature mechanical properties slightly higher than TC4 and medium high temperature mechanical properties. It is mainly used for the printing and forming of aerospace structural parts and engine parts. Kmpass independently developed TA15 powder. At present, the powder has been used in the forming of various types of titanium alloy parts. The maximum size of the parts has reached 1000mm. Some products have been successfully delivered to customers to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry.


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