3D Printing Metal Powder

What is 3D Printing Metal powder and How is It Different from General 3D Materials

2021-06-01 14:40:24  News

Printer technology is a kind of flat graphics that can be designed by a computer and output in the form of flat objects through raw materials-paper and ink. 3D printers are different from ordinary printers only in the use of materials. 3D printing is our use of computer technology and printer technology to combine with each other, let the machine automatically process the material, and present the same shape as on the computer. Through this technology, things that do not exist in nature are created through the setting of computer models.

3D printing materials can include various materials such as ceramic materials, metal materials, plastic materials, sand, etc., as "printing materials". 3D printing metal powder is an important material in metal materials. 3D printing metal powder is a group of metal particles with a size of less than 1mm. Including a series of alloys such as single metal powder, industrial steel, cobalt-chromium alloy, titanium alloy, and some refractory compound powders with metallic properties.


The difference between 3D printing metal powder and general 3D materials is that because it is a fine powder, it has good plasticity, while meeting the requirements of small powder particle diameter, high sphere formation, good fluidity, compactness, and narrow particle size distribution. A series of requirements such as low carbon content and low boron content. There are two methods for preparing 3D printing metal powder, one is physical and chemical method, and the other is mechanical method. Among them, physical and chemical methods also include four types: reduction method, deposition method, electrolysis method, and electrochemical corrosion method.

3D printing metal powder has a wide range of applications, especially in the high-tech field of aerospace and aviation, which is vigorously developed by the country. In addition, 3D printing metal powder is also used in dental and other medical and automotive fields. Medical researchers can use these materials to manufacture tailor-made implants and complete medical equipment.

At the same time, it is necessary to clarify the status quo of the development of 3D printing metal powder, especially in comparison with the lack of sufficient markets abroad. 3D printing metal powder is not perfect in the development of large-scale and commercialization. Therefore, the research and development of 3D printing metal powder can have a huge market potential, and once it becomes large-scale, it will be unlimited.


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