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3D printed memory alloy powder material-Nickel-titanium alloy powder

2020-08-12 14:56:25  3D Printing Material

Nickel-titanium alloy is a shape memory alloy, which is a special alloy that can automatically restore its plastic deformation to its original shape at a certain temperature. Its expansion rate is above 20%, the fatigue life is up to 1*10, the damping power is 10 times higher than that of ordinary springs, and its corrosion resistance is better than the best medical stainless steel at present, so it can meet various engineering and Medical application needs are a very good functional material.

3D memory alloy powder

In addition to its unique shape memory function, memory alloys are also resistant to wear, corrosion, high damping and superelasticity.

On the basis of the existing spherical titanium alloy powder preparation technology, China Metal 3D Printing Powder Company Kmpass successfully developed a high-sphericity, fluidity, non-metallic inclusion using a vacuum electrode induction gas atomization powder furnace independently designed and developed. The low-purity spherical TiNi memory alloy powder is the first to achieve a technological breakthrough of ≤53μm fine powder yield, filling the gap in the development of domestic spherical TiNi memory alloy powder.

TiNi alloy is an alloy material with good comprehensiveness and memory performance* in shape memory alloys. It has excellent shape memory effect, superelasticity, high damping, high corrosion resistance and good biocompatibility. It has become a new type of functional material that has attracted much attention and is widely used in aerospace, mechatronics, biomedical, bridge construction, automotive industry and daily life. However, the high melting point, high activity of TiNi alloy, complicated traditional machining and poor performance seriously restrict the performance improvement and further application of the alloy.

Spherical TiNi alloy powder is the raw material for 3D printed TiNi alloy structural parts and is also a key breakthrough point of this technology. The TiNi alloy powder commonly used in the domestic market is irregular in shape and serious in inclusion, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of high purity, high fluidity and high sphericity of the powder raw material by 3D printing.

3D printed memory alloy powder material-Nickel-titanium alloy powder

Kmpass developed a 3D printed TiNi memory alloy powder material in which the shape of the powder particles is spherical or nearly spherical, the particles are substantially non-adhesive and the satellite particles are extremely small. The morphology of the individual powder particles is uniform due to the high cooling rate of the aerosolization process.

The alloy powders are all TiNi phases (B2 ordered phase). This indicates that the TiNi alloy powder prepared by electrode induction atomization has high cleanliness and uniform composition. The gas content of the 15-53 μm TiNi powder was 371 ppm and the nitrogen content was 35 ppm.

On the basis of successfully preparing alloy powder with high sphericality, high cleanliness and uniform composition, the R&D team further optimized the atomization process of TiNi alloy powder, improved the comprehensive performance of the powder, realized quantitative production, and exported to Europe and America while satisfying domestic demand. In the development and application of high-end titanium-based powder materials, we can compete with European and American companies.

3D printed powder

The spherical TiNi alloy powder is suitable for 3D printing powder feeding process and powder spreading process, making it possible to manufacture 3D printing personalized human interventional medical devices (such as cardiovascular stents and spinal internal fixations).

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