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Breakthrough! 3D Printing Powder Titanium Powder New Technology Product-TR-Ti6Al4V

2020-08-12 13:38:16  3D Printing Material

Metal powder is the primary and critical material of metal 3D printing process. Luoyang Kmpass has been committed to the development of high-quality 3D printing alloy powder materials. It is developing a new generation of plasma atomization (PA) milling technology, which will introduce new super to global users. High purity spherical titanium alloy powder product TR-Ti6Al4V.

PA technology is one of the hotspots in the research of global 3D printing titanium powder technology. Based on the high thermal energy input and steady flow atomization characteristics of the plasma jet, it can effectively control the hollow powder rate of powder, and the sphericity of powder is high, showing "like water. The mobility is especially suitable for metal 3D printing processes.

3D printing powder

Plasma atomization (PA)

"All eugenics" in the field of spherical metal powder preparation technology

The PA technology uses titanium wire as raw material and uses a plasma jet to melt the fence, and then impact disperses and atomizes into ultrafine droplets, which are deposited and deposited in the atomization tower, and exchange heat with the cooled argon gas introduced into the atomization tower. Cooling and solidifying into ultrafine powder

PA process principle

Compared with plasma rotary electrode milling technology (PREP), the titanium powder produced by PA technology has more excellent powder and exceptional powder yield while ensuring high sphericity; compared with VIGA, EIGA and other aerosolization methods, PA While providing the exceptional powder yield, the dust has a higher sphericity and almost no hollow powder in the fine powder; compared with the plasma spheroidization method, the PA process has higher production efficiency. The full advantages of PA technology can be said to be the "all-youth" in the field of spherical metal powder preparation technology.

"Three high" performance is worth looking forward to

The titanium wire used in the PA process does not contact the reactor wall, such as ceramics during the melting process, thereby reducing the risk of inclusions, and the prepared powder has almost no hollow powder, which ensures the "high purity and low hollow ratio" of the dust.

Breakthrough! 3D Printing Powder Titanium Powder New Technology Product-TR-Ti6Al4V

Hollow powder test

The PA uses a hot atomizing gas instead of a cold atomizing gas to prevent the particles from rapidly cooling and collecting into an irregular shape. The produced powder has the characteristics of "high sphericity."

The PA process produces few powder satellite powders with high sphericity. The AMC-Ti6Al4V titanium alloy powder has the characteristics of "high fluidity." The Hall flow rate is 30.8s/50g, which genuinely realizes "like water" flow.

Only focus on professionalism, from EIGA technology to PA technology, from imitation breakthrough to technology leadership, from solving the "with or without" problem to mass standardization preparation, AVIC Matt looks for the discovery of "3D printing spherical powder" and continues to launch the charge. Challenge the new height, only to produce the world's best quality 3D printing powder products, make 3D printing design materials freer, print performance more stable, printing cost is more advantageous, and create more value with global users!

Titanium Powder

Luoyang Kmpass's research team has a military background research background and muscular technical strength. It has successfully developed nearly 20 kinds of titanium alloy, nickel-based alloy, cobalt-chromium alloy, stainless steel, die steel, aluminum alloy, and other standard grade powder materials, including titanium in research. A large number of international leading-edge 3D printing materials such as aluminum intermetallic compounds, nickel-titanium shape memory alloys, high-strength aluminum alloys, high-entropy alloys, and amorphous alloys.

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